January 11, 2020

2020 - One Little Word

Created a new space, in my room, for all the creative things. And the natural light is perfection.
I've chosen my one little word for 2020...create. As usual, I thought about a few different words, but there was something about create that stuck. I let it sink in for a few days before ultimately deciding that it would be my one little word for the year.

As usual, I want to share some of the ways I'm hoping create will guide me throughout 2020...

Create beautiful things

I consider myself to be a fairly creative person. I've always loved photography, scrapbooking, art journaling, design, etc., but I don't spend as much time doing these things as I'd like. I rearranged some things in my apartment and created a space to create...mostly to art journal, but maybe in other ways as well. We shall see! I've already created more than usual because of having this space and all of my supplies out and ready to use! Hoping to explore some new creative skills this year too! 

Create space for my soul to breathe

Over the last few years, I've been trying to prioritize rest and balance. Working in ministry (much like many other careers/fields) means that there are always needs...something that needs to be done, someone who needs help, something to learn more about and better understand, etc. But I'm continuing to learn how important it is so create space for my soul to breathe so I can do all of those things with a full cup, ready to pour out. I'm creating space by waking up and not looking at my phone until I've read something from the Bible or a book...by drinking water with lemon essential oil first thing in the morning...by listening to worship music while I make coffee...by writing down 5 things I'm grateful for every day...by reading more words in physical books than on social media posts. We're not quite two weeks into 2020 yet, but I can already feel a difference.
My soul can feel a difference. 

Create margin for God

This is somewhat related to the last one, but I wanted to be a bit more specific. I am going to try to open (and read, obviously) my Bible every single day. I know it seems like something that I should already be really, really good at, but it's just not. I've always struggled with establishing a daily routine for reading my Bible and praying, but I'm working on it...and it's going fairly well so far! One of my favorite blog/Instagram ladies, Elise Blaha Cripe, has a free daily habit tracker that I'm using for a few of my goals this year. I'm a very visual person so I've found this to be an effective way for me to see my progress. I'm also trying to journal my prayers more often, which is something I've carried over from last year. It helps me to focus more, as it's very easy for me to get lost in my own thoughts if I just pray in my mind...and it's always helpful to go back and see how God has answered my prayers! 

Create a difference in the lives of others

I just really love people. Yes, I may be an introvert that thoroughly enjoys being home alone, but I also really love being with people. And not just people, but my people. The kiddos in the village. The teens in the It Takes Courage programs. The people I serve alongside in the different ministries. I want to find ways to serve them better this year. Even though I still feel like I'm in a season of transition and I don't know what the future holds...I want to show Jesus to them in small, every day moments. And this doesn't just apply to "my people", but also to the people I come in contact less frequently. The child begging outside of the grocery store. The person serving me coffee or food at a restaurant. I want to show Jesus to them as well, in small, every day moments. 

Found this verse and I can't stop reading it. So fitting for create and this time in my life.
There a few other ways that I'm incorporating create into my life, but I'm going to keep those private for now. If I see fit to share them later on, then I will :) Obviously, I'm sure there will be other ways in which create manifests itself in the upcoming year, and ways that I'm able to look back and see only at the end of 2020. Either way, I'm excited to see where create takes me in 2020.

Just as it was with grow in 2019 and light in 2018, I've already starting seeing the word create as I read books, listen to music and scroll on social media. It's so interesting how that works!

If you've chosen one little word for 2020, I'd love to hear what it is...and how you see it guiding your year. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email :)

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