September 22, 2014

Sick day = blog post

Photo via Unsplash

Congratulations to you! I have taken a sick day due to possible food poisoning, which means you get a blog post! This post will likely consist of me rambling, but it is what it is.

(Time passes)

Soooo I've had this tab open since about 9 am. It's now noon. Clearly, I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing. That and the simple fact that I am very scatterbrained sometimes. (For the record, I haven't been sitting here staring at the screen for 3 hours.) I think it's going to be easier for me to think about my blog as a place to share about things rather than my thoughts...if that makes any sense. Allow me to explain.

I could easily tell you that I spent the morning drinking Toms coffee while wearing my amazing Banded headband and snacking on my Graze box. It'd be a little harder for me to give you a run down of what I was thinking throughout the morning, and it also wouldn't be me. When I thought about starting a blog, I was excited to be able to share all of the "things" that I find while browsing the Internet. I didn't really plan to write about my daily life. For a split second, I think, "well who wants to read about the things I come across...people want to hear about life", but that's not always true. Many of my favorite blog posts are those with links to things. I love a good weekly links post, like REALLY love. On the contrary, some of my favorite bloggers are those who share about their daily life. I think it's like an opposites attract kind of thing. I don't care to share about my daily life, but you better believe I'm nosey and want to read alllll about other people's lives. (Fun fact: I'm a bit obsessed with the lives of celebrities too). I told you I'd be rambling...

Regardless, this brings me back to the post that inspired my first post, which I'm sure I'll find myself referencing quite often. There are two points in that post that seem to fit my current thoughts...

Just put your stuff out there. Somebody will like it. True fact. 

Don't be afraid of your own voice. It's the only one you have (unless you write fiction). 

I think I'll just leave it at that. Undoubtedly, a weekly links post will be coming soon...

September 14, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair 2014

Another summer, another Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. My friend Erica and I went this year, but I was also able to meet up with Abby. We actually took a photo together, which was groundbreaking! As much as I love Renegade, I'm starting to think that I'm getting too old for it. Erica and I had only made it halfway and we were exhausted. My back hurt. I needed a snack. Old lady alert. I bought a few things, which I'll share in a moment, but I also want to highlight some booths that caught my eye. 

I bought three bookmarks from Pink Tank. One for my mom (monkeys), one for me (hot air balloons), and one for a future gift for someone. They're so dang cute. 

Fun fact: I love ampersands. I bought a postcard from Starshaped Press with a & on it. It's cute. (Fun fact #2: I say cute a lot.)

Erica and I split a card sampler from OrangeBeautiful. The cards are gorgeous. I'm excited to send them! They are also hosting an event in November called Show of Hands. I'm hoping to attend! 

I was tempted to spend some dough at the following shops too...

I would buy anything and everything by Yao Cheng. Such beautiful watercolors. 

Almost everything by Alisa Bobzien
She had a cute little mug with a pretzel on it. 
My high school mascot was a pretzel so I was pleasantly surprised to see that mug. 

This print from Little Canoe

The floral wall calendar by Michelle Brusegaard

The bags at Suspiro catch my eye every year. Maybe I'll give in next year.

The STiiCKs from Well Made 

September 13, 2014

Gilmore Girls

Warning: I'm about to throw up all things Gilmore Girls. Prepare yourself. 

Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite television show. I own all 7 seasons. I watched it religiously when it aired from 2000-2007. I often recorded the episodes on VHS tapes if I had to miss them for some reason. When the final episode aired, I literally bawled my eyes out. Who am I kidding, I STILL bawl my eyes out when I watch the last episode...and many other episodes. I've watched the series more times than I can count. One time, I went through and only watched the episodes that Jess appeared in. Yep, I am Team Jess. For your enjoyment (or maybe just mine), I am about to share a slew of links related to the residents of Stars Hollow. Enjoy!

Also, Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix on October 1st. Since I already own every season, this isn't a huge deal for me. However, I'm extremely excited for everyone else to experience the awesomeness of this show. Yay!

19 Reasons JESS was the Perfect Match for Rory - THIS. IS. EVERYTHING.

The Definitive Ranking of the Men on Gilmore Girls - Luke and Jess, always.

How Gilmore Girls Should've Ended, The Rory Gilmore's Boyfriend Edition

13 Weird Gilmore Girls Town Events You'd Like to Experience

19 Signs You're Just Like Rory Gilmore

24 Reasons Why Lorelai Gilmore is the Coolest Mom Ever

The 23 Wisest Things Lorelai Gilmore Ever Said

17 Moments When Paris Gellar was Totally Relatable 

The Unofficial Guide to College, According to Rory Gilmore

27 Amazing Things We Might Get In a Gilmore Girls Movie

17 Definitive Reasons Luke and Lorelai Deserved a Better Ending 

Which Gilmore Girls Guy is Your Soulmate? - Jess, DUH.

How Many Books From Gilmore Girls Have You Read?

All 339 Books Referenced in Gilmore Girls

Which Rory Gilmore are you?

How Well Do You Know Gilmore Girls? - 18 out of 18

16 Things You Didn't Know About Gilmore Girls

And finally, 36 Times Jess Mariano Completely Melted Your Heart on Gilmore Girls

Found here.

September 3, 2014

Things in my Pocket

Found via Pinterest.
You can buy this painting by Katy Smail (well not this one because it's sold out) on the Buy Some Damn Art website.

So I realize how awkward this title sounds, but stay with me for a second. I use Pocket ALL OF THE TIME. Problem: I actually use it a little too much and then rarely get around to reading EVERYTHING that has accumulated in there. Solution: Make it a blog feature so I'm forced to go through it regularly...and share some of my favorites with you! Basically, it's my version of a weekly links post, which is one of my favorite things in blog land. We'll see how it goes...

Spending time alone...I was going to try to pick some of my favorites from this list, but they're just all so good. I couldn't narrow it down so I guess you'll have to read the whole thing!

Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine's musical impressions...Impressive

This is VERY helpful.

Who doesn't love a good photobooth photo?

I pretend to be an adult most of the time. This is helpful for when I can't pretend anymore.

Sooner or later you will learn that I am completely obsessed with GILMORE GIRLS. My ultimate goal in life is to read all 339 of these babies.

I work in a school. This version of motivation (aka torture) is brilliant.

I like kindness. #12 - check!

One word: Chipotle

Another word: Midwest. I can't help but love it. #11, #14, and #18 for the win!

Okay, I think that's good for now. I hope you've enjoyed my first attempt at a blog feature. Not sure when or how often this feature will make an appearance, but I'll figure it out. I'm sure the suspense is just killing you...

Also, I just joined bloglovin' so there's that.