September 3, 2014

Things in my Pocket

Found via Pinterest.
You can buy this painting by Katy Smail (well not this one because it's sold out) on the Buy Some Damn Art website.

So I realize how awkward this title sounds, but stay with me for a second. I use Pocket ALL OF THE TIME. Problem: I actually use it a little too much and then rarely get around to reading EVERYTHING that has accumulated in there. Solution: Make it a blog feature so I'm forced to go through it regularly...and share some of my favorites with you! Basically, it's my version of a weekly links post, which is one of my favorite things in blog land. We'll see how it goes...

Spending time alone...I was going to try to pick some of my favorites from this list, but they're just all so good. I couldn't narrow it down so I guess you'll have to read the whole thing!

Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine's musical impressions...Impressive

This is VERY helpful.

Who doesn't love a good photobooth photo?

I pretend to be an adult most of the time. This is helpful for when I can't pretend anymore.

Sooner or later you will learn that I am completely obsessed with GILMORE GIRLS. My ultimate goal in life is to read all 339 of these babies.

I work in a school. This version of motivation (aka torture) is brilliant.

I like kindness. #12 - check!

One word: Chipotle

Another word: Midwest. I can't help but love it. #11, #14, and #18 for the win!

Okay, I think that's good for now. I hope you've enjoyed my first attempt at a blog feature. Not sure when or how often this feature will make an appearance, but I'll figure it out. I'm sure the suspense is just killing you...

Also, I just joined bloglovin' so there's that.

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