September 14, 2015

#CBtakesRomania AGAIN!

I've known for the last week that I've needed to prioritize writing a blog post, but I just couldn't do it. Sorry! I'm actually starting to write this ten minutes before I need to leave to be's that for procrastinating?! I'm a pro. (I'm now finishing this two days after I started it.) Anyways...I am back in Romania, and it still feels like home. A second home, but home nonetheless.

I think the reason I've put off writing this is because I don't want to tell all of you that my first night here was very hard. I'm still not entirely sure why it was SO hard, but it was. I know I was tired...and hungry...and whatever else, but I think the emotions would have been there despite those things. With all of the preparations to return to Romania, I don't think I allowed myself to process the length of time I would be here...and that's what hit me the hardest when I walked back in to my apartment. There were tears and worries, but also incredible words of encouragement from a few friends. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I have some of the BEST FRIENDS EVER.

All of that to say, the next day (Wednesday) was MUCH better. I slept in, had a very pleasant walk into the center of the city, and ate lunch at the Veritas Family Center. I was greeted by smiling, familiar faces of coworkers, lots of hugs, and delicious Romanian food. The Veritas employees are truly a family...and one that welcomed me (then and now) with open arms. I can honestly say that I've never experienced anything quite like Veritas, with it's employees and programs. I'm going to try to write a more specific post on Veritas in the near (ish) future.

And all of that to say...I'm settling back in quite nicely and it feels good. Now, if I could just get to bed at a decent time...that'd be fabulous. It was 3am...then 2am...I'm aiming for 1am tonight! We shall see. I'll be sure to keep you posted. Stay tuned...riveting information to come.

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