September 4, 2015

Currently: American Edition Part III

Coffee + Gilmore Girls = PERFECTION
Reading: No surprise here, but I am reading Jen Hatmaker's newest book. It is called For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards...and it is fabulous. I'm only like two chapters in, but the things that woman has to say...just so good. She always makes me think about things differently and gives me another perspective. Here's a quick blurb that really struck me...

"There is a biblical benchmark I now use. We will refer to this criterion for every hard question, big idea, topic, assessment of our own obedience, every “should” or “should not” and “will” or “will not” we ascribe to God, every theological sound bite. Here it is: If it isn’t also true for a poor single Christian mom in Haiti, it isn’t true."

Maybe that seems super basic and very "duh" worthy...but I think sometimes doctrine, theology, teachings, Bible studies, etc. can twist things. Just some food for thought. Also, go borrow this book from the library, buy it, read get the point. 

Eating: Also no surprise here, but I am eating American food. Surprisingly, my hometown has some must-stop restaurants and I've tried to visit some of them while I've been home. Just finished eating some leftover chicken fried rice from Imperial hometown folks know how important Imperial is. 

On the downside, my stomach has hated me after EVERY SINGLE MEAL I've eaten while at home. Sadly, that is not an exaggeration. I've had issues for awhile now, but Romania was truly good for the stomach. I'm pretty excited to eat some delicious Romanian food again...and not feel miserable after every meal. 

Thinking about: Packing...since that's what I'm currently doing. Technically, I'm writing this blog post instead of packing, but there are folded/rolled clothes sitting all around me. Trust me, that is progress! Procrastinator for life. 

I'm also thinking about how hard it's going to be to say goodbye to Raegan and my family on Monday...yes, this coming Monday, September 7th. I'd like to think it'd be easier to leave her if she understood, but it would probably still be awful. One of the things that helps is thinking about telling her all about Romania when she's older...and hopefully traveling there with her at some point. I've been trying to teach her some of the Romanian language, but we haven't gotten very far. She is stuck on the thought that "buna" is a name. I try to explain to her that it means "hello", but her reply is always the same, "I'm not that name!"

Listening: Music! I have a good pal who is constantly referring new music and I cannot get enough. My tastes are all over the you'll hear in this playlist. I've included my current on-repeat playlist below. I tend to create a "favs" playlist, listen to it until I cannot stand to hear the songs anymore, create a new one, lather, rinse, repeat... 

Some of my top favorites right now include...everything James Bay has available, City and Colour's new stuff, The Weeknd's new album, Childish Gambino, Hillsong United's new Empires album, and so on. There's so much good music out there. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes, but in the best way possible. 

Watching: I feel like I should just take this category out because it's kind of embarrassing...I'm literally ALWAYS watching Gilmore Girls. Just finished season 2 again...JESS IS BACK! I can't handle it. 

Loving: Spending so much good, quality time with my family and friends. Seriously, these last six weeks have FLOWN BY, but they've been so so so good. I cannot complain. I wish I had a little bit more time, but I'm also super excited to head back to my other home, Romania. This weekend has a lot of quality time in store, and I'm beyond thrilled. 

I first saw the "Currently" feature on Sometimes Sweet, which is one my absolute favorite blogs. Just giving credit where credit is due. 

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