January 26, 2019

Moments of LIGHT in 2018

My top 9 Instagram posts from 2018
Okay, I'm back to reflect a bit on 2018. IT. WAS. A. YEAR. Am I right?! If you haven't already watched my 2018 1 Second Every Day video, you can find it here. As I said in that post, it continues to be my favorite project, but I know it's hard to fully catch everything when you watch it "as an outsider".

I decided to write this post to give you a little more information on what 2018 looked like for me, but also to personally reflect back on the moments of LIGHT that I found along the way. As you may remember, I chose the word "light" as my word of the year so it felt important for me to think about what that looked like in 2018...

Moments of LIGHT in January: 
  • Hearing the smiles and giggles from the kiddos in the village
  • Drinking coffee, of course
  • Bonding with a super cool gal
  • Discovering beautiful doors
  • Celebrating Maveric's 1st birthday from afar

Moments of LIGHT in February: 
  • Being celebrated on my 30th birthday
  • Celebrating three lovely ladies on their birthdays
  • Drinking more coffee, reading and journaling
  • Discovering yet another door
  • Receiving super cute photos of my super cute nephew and niece

Moments of LIGHT in March:
  • Reuniting with close friends
  • Capturing a cute photo of Jimmy...the dog who lived in the citadel in Sighisoara
  • Eating Chipotle
  • Getting surprised by photos from Raegan's mini-photoshoot with her nesting doll dress 
  • Visiting friends in St. Louis with other friends

Moments of LIGHT in April:
  • Celebrating the beautiful marriage of a close friend
  • Receiving a sweet photo from my It Takes Courage group
  • Spending time with three of my besties
  • Celebrating Easter with my family

Moments of LIGHT in May:
  • Eating ice cream at the good ole Union Dairy
  • Celebrating my mom's birthday with Mexican food
  • Taking neighborhood walks with the family
  • Reading "You are Free" by Rebekah Lyons
  • Stopping to smell the peonies
  • Attending the Reaching Europe's Children conference in Hungary
  • Capturing a door with my favorite door model
  • Celebrating the local high school graduation in Sighisoara

Moments of LIGHT in June:

  • Celebrating the "graduation" of It Takes Courage
  • Posing for a photo with my Romanian Studies Program summer student
  • Stopping to smell (and pick) the wildflowers
  • Reading Katie Davis' book, "Daring to Hope"
  • Creating with kiddos
  • Enjoying a visit from good friends
  • Leading English Camp for the 4th year

    Moments of LIGHT in July:
    • Participating in a service project with It Takes Courage and ITC 2.0
    • Spending time with some beautiful ladies
    • Celebrating little kid birthdays
    • Making cute crafts with the cutest kiddos in the village
    • Finding out the gender of the new Barr baby
    • Inviting a bunch of teenagers over to my house 
    • Admiring Romania's beauty

      Moments of LIGHT in August:
      • Re-reading an incredible book
      • Bringing my two worlds together by hanging out with an American bestie and a Romanian bestie
      • Visiting Belgium with Erica (all four photos in the middle)
      • Enjoying camp in the village with my favorite kiddos

        Moments of LIGHT in September:
        • Celebrating 25 years since Dorothy came to Romania with a vision to impact the community
        • Attending Veritas' annual open house where Adela always displays her face painting talent
        • Celebrating Adela's birthday
        • Attending the Central Europe Field Conference in Albania
        • Discovering some beauty at a nearby castle 
        • Loving the cute little faces of the kiddos in the village

        Moments of LIGHT in October:

        • Meeting new teens in Sighisoara and helping them to build their character
        • Starting a new year of It Takes Courage with our biggest group ever!
        • Drinking more coffee
        • Enjoying the annual Veritas staff retreat in the mountains
        • Observing sibling love in the village
        • Attending a week of training at the Nazarene Global Ministry Center in Kansas

          Moments of LIGHT in November:
          • Spending a few days at home to visit friends and family
          • Visiting a cultural center in a nearby town in Romania
          • Taking a cute pic with Adela
          • Celebrating the birth of Holden James Barr!
          • Taking the It Takes Courage teens to serve the kiddos in the village
          • Attending the church's district assembly 
          • Celebrating Thanksgiving with some other Americans in Sighisoara

            Moments of LIGHT in December:
            • Enjoying a mini "field trip" with the It Takes Courage 2.0
            • Saying goodbye to my Romanian Studies Program fall student
            • Celebrating a birthday of the sweetest little boy with one of the most amazing families (top middle photo)
            • Being reminded to be the LIGHT at the children's Christmas program in the village (bottom middle photo)
            • Flying home and seeing the beauty of Chicago from above
            • Surprising Raegan on her SIXTH birthday
            • Enjoying a last-minute visit from a close friend
            • Spending time with baby Holden
            • Celebrating Christmas with my family for the first time since 2014
            So there you have it. 2018 was truly a year full of light. I was constantly amazed at how much light I found simply because I was looking for it. Now, of course there were dark moments as well, but finding the light had become such a habit that I could more easily get myself out of the dark than before. Even though we're almost one month into 2019, I'm still continuing to see the light...and I think the word "light" will not just be a 2018 thing, but more like a lifetime thing. 

            I'll leave you with this super cute photo of Raegan and Maveric enjoying the last few moments of 2018. 

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