September 14, 2016

#CBtakesRomania: Round THREE

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I feel like I start every blog post by saying something like "'s been awhile" followed by "I'm going to try to blog more". I don't know why I pretend like that'll happen. I want to (I always say that too.), but then life happens.

As most of you know, I've been home (in America) since July 10th...and it's been a wild ride, to say the least. I came home a little earlier than planned for a conference. I briefly mentioned this in my last post and I still haven't processed through all of the information that I gained there. Someday.

During this time at home, I feel like I have taken in A LOT of information. Good information, but overwhelming information. Conference workshops, books (like this one, that totally wrecked me), sermons, podcasts, conversations with friends, etc. It's been h a r d...and I haven't necessarily been coping very well with all of it. Information related to effective service and how we can truly help people without hurting them, following one's call in life, being present (rather than perfect), etc. Not to mention the fact that I'm still dealing with all of my thoughts and feelings related to my time in Serbia, Croatia and Greece with the refugees. PLUS missing Romania. As I've said before, there's a lot that goes on in this mind of mine.

All of that to say, if I haven't connected with you or texted you as much as I usually do or seemed super excited about things...that's why. I don't want that to seem like an excuse, but it's the reality. I feel like I'm at a very messy point in my life, and that's not a bad thing. I think it's good to examine things in one's life and ask the hard questions, but again, it's h a r d.

Are you still with me? I got a little deeper than I had intended to with all of that honesty and messiness talk, but I think it's important to be real.

I'm assuming you know this, but I am returning to Romania. On October 4th, to be exact...assuming I can raise enough support. The funds are coming in...sloooowly. Honestly, it's been very difficult to feel like this is going to happen. I'm conflicted because I still feel very called to serve in Romania, but obviously it's hard to feel affirmed when the funds aren't coming in. Hence, the quote at the top.

A few people have been asking about the best ways to support me. I wanted to try to simplify the ways you can support me. So here you go...

1. Global Mission fund: Go to THIS WEBSITE. Opt for a recurring gift, if you'd like (this option helps me out a lot). Tax-deductible. Done and done! These funds cover my living and ministry expenses.

Side note: If you attend my/a Nazarene church, you can write a check to the church with "Bloom Deputation" in the memo field. The treasurer will submit it through the appropriate system.

2. My Personal fund: Go to my PAYPAL link and support me :) These funds cover my monthly student loan payments, toiletries, food, etc. You can also write me a personal check, but I won't put my home address on here so just email me ( if you'd like to mail me something.

3. Saving the biggest and best way for last...Pray. Pray that I can raise the support I need since I still feel very called to Romania. Pray for peace, ministry effectiveness, relationship building, etc. Pray for me as I work through this messy time in my life.

Questions? Email me. Text me. Call me. Stop me when you see me. Oh, and thank you.

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