May 28, 2015

Monday Night Supper

This photo is not from a Monday Night Supper.
As I started to write this post, I realized that I have ZERO photos from Monday Night Supper. It's one of those events where you don't ever really get your phone/camera out because the time with others is just so good. I decided to choose a photo of tea because we always end the evening around the table with a cup of tea or coffee. I always choose coffee, but I like this photo of tea. You probably don't care about all of that...I apologize.

Anyways, Monday Night Supper takes place on...Monday night. Well, usually. It's been on a Tuesday the last few weeks. Crazy days here in Sighisoara. The dinner takes place at Dorothy's house. In case I haven't already shared...Dorothy is a visionary, to say the least. She is the founding director for both Veritas and the Romanian Studies Program. She has lived in Romania for over 20 years, and lives in the most gorgeous home in the citadel.

That takes care of the where and when. Now for who...any and all expats are invited. When I first arrived, Monday Night Supper consisted of a young German couple, another couple consisting of an American (from Wisconsin) and Englishman, two American Nazarene missionaries, an American student, an American volunteer with Veritas, and our host from Scotland. Oh and me! The "who" changes pretty often as various visitors, students, volunteers, missionaries, etc. come and go. This week, there were six American students, two American professors and their spouses, two Scottish women, and two American Nazarene missionaries. It was a FULL dining room.

The meals vary as everyone takes turns cooking. There are conversations aplenty, and it's truly a relaxing time. I've found myself looking forward to Mondays, which is very unusual for me. I have yet to cook for Monday Night Supper, which isn't surprising to those who know me well. I am extremely intimidated by the idea of having to cook for more than four people...and in someone else's kitchen. I'm sure I'll end up doing it sooner rather than later, but I'll be a nervous wreck the entire time. SUPER simple recipes designed for large groups welcome!

The evening always ends with the same question, "How can we pray for you this week?" We go around the table and share something that the group can pray for, followed by prayer. I enjoy sharing, but also listening, from week to week to see how God has answered these prayers.

The obviousness of my next statement is well, obvious, but I am an introvert through and through. However, I've come to love and value the community at Monday Night Supper, but also in the Romanian culture in general. It's so easy to just go home after work and spend the evening alone, but I find myself greatly enjoying the evenings spent with others. Who am I?!

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