April 12, 2015

Currently: Romanian Edition Part I

This photo has nothing to do with this post. 

As you may or may not know, I LOVE BLOGS. Like a lot. I actually haven't been reading them nearly as much as I used to, but nothing beats a good blog or blog post. The "Currently" feature is one of my favorites. I first came across this feature on Sometimes Sweet, which is one my absolute favorite blogs. I thought it'd be fun to do a Romanian version (possibly the first of many) of Currently so here you go...

Reading: I am reading Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer, and it has been very helpful. I'm only a few chapters in, but it has already offered some valuable information. I feel like I do a fairly good job of being culturally aware and sensitive, but there's always more to learn. There's a quote at the beginning of the chapter I'm on right now, and I think it's worth sharing. "One of the greatest stumbling blocks to understanding other peoples within or without a particular culture is the tendency to judge others' behavior by our own standards." -James Downs

I'm also continuing to read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. I love love love her. I won't spend too much time gushing, but I long to be friends with that woman. And of course, I'm constantly reading all of the Romanian words that cross my path. Since I'm learning Romanian (and will probably forever be learning Romanian), I try to read every sign/word I see. 

Eating: The most amazing homemade bread made by my host mother. Seriously, I already know that this is one of the main things I'll miss when I'm living on my own or back in the USA. There always seems to a fresh loaf or two in the bread drawer. Romanians eat bread with every meal. It's a staple. And her bread is the most delicious addition to every meal! I could go on and on. So good. 

Also, eating a covrig (pretzel) every so often. Gigi's has the most FABULOUS (the word is back!) pretzels. They have pretzels in the shape of a circle filled with apple (my favorite so far), vanilla, chocolate, cherry, etc. I've only been to Gigi's three times...I'm practicing self-control! 

While we're talking food, I've had sarmale for lunch both last Sunday and today. Very tasty! I think everyone makes them a little differently, but the two times I've had them (made by different people), they were delicious. 

Thinking about: Many things...but mostly camp this week. I have been working with the social worker in the kids program on a Big Brother, Big Sister project. We are taking the bigs (high school volunteers) and littles (5th-8th graders) to camp this week since they have a break from school. I've been spending the last few days planning lessons for the high school volunteers, as well as some good ole camp games. I'm a little nervous, but also very excited to experience camp in Romania. I'll be gone from Tuesday through Sunday so if you don't hear from me...that's why. 

Listening: To the Romanian language. I'm an observer...always have been and always will be. I love to sit back and watch my surroundings, and I've been doing a lot of that. Sometimes I sit back and observe for too long, which isn't good. I'm trying not to do that while I'm here. I'm working on getting more and more involved as I get more comfortable with the culture and the language. Anyways, the Romanian language is so beautiful. I love listening and picking up more and more words as I continue with my Romanian classes. 

In regards to music, I have been obsessed with Damien Rice's newest album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy. One of my pals raved about it awhile back, and then it was one of the listening options on my flight from London to Bucharest. I listened to the album on repeat until we landed. So addicting and beautiful. My favorite song is The Greatest Bastard. His voice is just too much. Also, this cover of Twilight by Elliott Smith. I love the original song as well, but I can't get enough of the cover. 

Watching: Let it be known that the answer to the question, "What are you/have you been watching?" will ALWAYS be Gilmore Girls. Like always. Lorelai and Rory...those two, I love them. I used to pick a random season when I was in the mood to watch, but I’ve preferred watching from start to finish over the last few years. If only I could tell you how many times I’ve watched the entire series. Honestly, I wish I knew the number. 

My host family doesn't have a television so I haven't been able to watch any Romanian tv shows. I'll keep you posted if that changes. 

Loving: The gorgeous scenery and historic buildings in Sighisoara. Every day, on my walk to work or wherever, I'm in awe of what I see. The citadel is literally one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I'm finding that I love history a lot more than I ever have before. I feel like it's bound to happen when you're surrounding by such rich history. I was in Bucharest earlier this week, where there is a ton of history. The buildings, monuments, memorials, palaces, etc. Such a fabulous experience. 

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